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Moving off Linux desktop

And a love letter for MacBook Air

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After a week of MacBook Pro FOMO I realized just how good the M1 MacBook Air is. For the majority of tasks this thing is a champ. It's relatively affordable, fast, lightweight, and quiet. It's two ports short of the best laptop Apple has ever made. The MacBook Air is still dope. –Kelsey Hightower


I have been on and off Linux desktop setup for years, but this year I went back to Mac. Well, for the most part.

My daily driver is a MacBook Air M1, paired with a headless (no desktop graphical interface) NixOS running on a ThinkCentre M75q Tiny. I use SSH from Mac to NixOS for software development work, but everything else stays in Mac.

I'm used to having preset tiling provided by i3 / Sway. Turns out Rectangle is so good that I don't miss Linux.

Mitchell Hashimoto runs his NixOS on his M1 Mac as a VM. I think that's an ideal setup that I want in the future -- for now, Tailscale has made it (too) trivial to maintain my current setup.

If you're on the fence of switching to M1 Mac as a long time Linux desktop user, I highly recommend giving it a try. I'm certainly not going to miss having Electron apps breaking randomly, less than days of battery life, or Zoom not detecting camera / audio.

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